Wanderer (Short Film)

So, next month, I’m DPing my first short film titled “Wanderer” Written by Jake Wilkens, Starring Mark O’Brien (Republic of Doyle, Hannibal), David O’Donnell (Christmas Under Wraps, The Squeeze) and Georgina Reilly (Murdoch Mysteries, The L.A. Complex). We are set to shoot in mid January in the California Desert. The film will be directed by Jake Wilkens and Mark O’Brien and as stated before, I will be the Director or Photography.


A young backpacker, Eric, slowly makes his way across the desert back roads of eastern California, headed for Los Angeles. He sees an open gate leading to a vacation home on the edge of a man made lake. Feeling lucky to have come across anyone this far from civilization, he approaches the house looking for water and a warm bed for the night. The lady of the house, Jess, gives him a hesitant welcome, but the man of the house, David, invites him to stay.

To fund this film we have launched a kickstarter campaign. If you’d like to get involved or read more about this project please, Click Here. Every little donation helps!

-Spencer Jones

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